I’m so proud to have been a part of the Edinburgh Fringe in 2023

My solo show “Not my first rodeo…” ran at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for 6 nights from  Monday 21st – Saturday to 26th August 2023 at the Greenside Infirmary St 


I arrived in Sydney, Australia in 1989 as a single guy carrying a single suitcase with plans to stay for around 6 months.

Nearly 35 years later I’m still there… I own several suitcases now, plus, as I come to think about it, many other bags to carry around the huge amount of stuff I and other family members seem to have accumulated. (Oh yes, sorry, I’m not a single guy anymore either. I also have 2 kids of my own plus another one that I got because I quite liked the look of her mother.)

I now have a house on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and I’m now on car number 6 (to explain – I’ve had 6 cars, not all concurrently).

So I have considerably more “stuff” than when I arrived and not quite as “freewheeling” as I used to be so I think I may need to stay in Australia for a while longer:

They wanted a dog which I now get to look after. This often involves spending a fortune at the local vet or following the dog around the park with plastic bags waiting for it to do its “business” – Time was I wouldn’t take sh*t from anyone.. Now I’m out there looking for it.

Just one example of how my life has changed.

They want another dog; I want them to spend more time with the one we have.

Before I learned to answer to the command “Daaaaaaaaad”, I lived on the Great Barrier Reef, worked on tiny Fijian Islands, had a successful corporate career and was a board member of one of the country’s most successful sports franchises.

I’ve met, played, and worked with some amazing (and sometimes strange and weird) people, I’ve travelled extensively and been fortunate to have lived a full and interesting life to date.

Life has given me anecdotes and stories of adventure and comedy material that could fill a thousand shows, but I’ve picked some of my favourites to share over the shows I’ll present and perform in Edinburgh.

Each performance was split over 2 shows, each around 30 minutes in duration

Not my first rodeo – Part 1: The Journey

Covered a chronology of my life in Australia and Fiji, from when I arrived to current day..

Not my first rodeo Part 2: The People

Covered a series of adventures and funny chapters of my time in Australia and Fiji and shares some of the crazy things I’ve seen and done and the weird and wonderful people I’ve met.

Oh, and why is the show called “Not my first rodeo…”? – you had to come along to find out!

Thanks to everyone that supported me in gettingthe shows to the stage and I’m so pleased to announce that the last 2 nights of the show were “allocation exhausted” (SOLD OUT!!)